Which books are worth reading

Reading enthusiasts today have many literary genres at their disposal, allowing them to choose the one that best fits their individual interests and preferences. If you love the mysterious, slightly fairy-tale atmosphere, reach for the best fantasy books.

What is fantasy literature and when was it created?

Good fantasy books can appeal to people who are big fans of amazing, creative stories. What does it mean: fantasy literature? Fantasy literature is one of the literary genres where the plot contains, for example, elements directly related to magic.

For fantasy literature it is characteristic to create a place of events that does not exist in the real world. An example is the famous trilogy by J. R. R. Tolkien – “Lord of the Rings”, whose action takes place in the Middle-earth, and the heroes, apart from people, are also elves or dwarves.

You already know what fantasy literature is. But, but…where did this literary genre come from? Its roots can be found in fairy tales, myths and folk tales passed down from generation to generation. Fantasy writers also often inspire old, pre-Christian beliefs. The pantheon of gods, goddesses or ancient demons in many cases is a breeding ground for an original, gripping story.

Features of fantasy literature

We answered the question – what is fantasy? Now let’s think about what fantasy literature is actually about? First of all, as we mentioned above, in fantasy books you will find many elements that do not exist in the real world: imaginary places and times, characters such as elves, trolls, freaks, etc.

Secondly, the events presented in fantasy books do not have to correspond to the rules of the real world. The features of a good fantasy book make it a great entertainment, but at the same time it is worth remembering that in many cases creating a fantasy world is a way for authors to smuggle in universal values.

Is it worth reading fantasy books?

Why are cool fantasy books an element that should complement your library? What does reading fantasy books give us? First of all, because of the fact that really well written, interesting fantasy books are able to take you on an unforgettable journey and give you a lot of impressions coming from unforgettable reading. The most interesting fantasy books can also become a great gift idea, especially if we want the recipient of the gift to become familiar with this literary genre.

What fantasy books are worth reading?

Are you a fan of fantasy? You just want to enter the world of this kind of literature and wonder what is the absolute top of fantasy books? We have gathered some interesting proposals! What fantasy books are worth reading?

Proposal No. 1. Trilogy “Lord of the Rings” J. R.R. Tolkien.

“The Team of the Ring”, “Two Towers” and “The Return of the King” are definitely books – legends. The story of hobbit Frodo Baggins and his friends: elpha Legolas, dwarf Gimlie, people – Boromir and Aragorn, and three hobbits – Sam, Pippin and Merry – is not only exciting, full of adventures and twists of action, but above all it is instructive.

Proposal No 2. ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ by G. R. R. Martin.

If you ask avid readers what fantasy books you recommend, this item will probably appear as one of the proposals. Why? G.R.R. Martin has created an amazing world, on the one hand full of cruelty, but on the other hand, it does not lack universal values such as love for the homeland, fidelity to promises and friends or caring for family members. “The Song of Ice and Fire is a thrilling series of stories that keep the reader in suspense.

Proposal No 3: ‘Nowhere’ by Neil Gaiman.

If you are wondering what fantasy books are worth reading, this is the position for you! Find out how you live in London Pod, who is looking for the Door and why it is in danger (yes, her!), and how Richard’s adventures with the world he didn’t even suspect of.

Proposal No 4: Demonic cycle Peter V. Brett.

How about a world in which, after dark, demons come out of the abyss and people can only protect themselves in rune-protected houses and wait for the morning? This is the reality that Leesha, who quite unexpectedly becomes an adept at herbalism, Arlen, who lost his mother as a result of a demonic attack, and Rojer, a talented minstrel student, must live in.

Proposal No. 5- Maja Lidia Kossakowska’s “Angel Replacements” series.

Now something for angel lovers, but be careful – it may turn out that angels are not so polite, so far you thought! Angel hosts have the same flaws as humans and are not always as crystal-clear as we would expect.
Of course, we have made only some of the possible suggestions above


Fantasy literature is created by books in which the plot is woven into supernatural, magical elements. The authors sometimes resign from locating the action in real time and place, creating their own worlds. In the fantasy books there are often beings who are in vain in reality: angels, vampires, trolls, demons, elves, etc. The beginnings of fantasy literature can be found in folk tales and legends, which are a frequent inspiration for book authors.