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Reading books can become one of the most magical moments of childhood. Many people have their favourite childhood book heroes or beloved fairy tales, also remembered in adult life with great sentiment.

The impact of book reading on a child’s development: why encourage children to read?

Reading develops vocabulary. This is not only the case with children, reading books can also have a positive impact on adult vocabulary. Of course, it is essential that children’s books are skillfully selected for children, which should be adapted to their childhood age.

Reading stimulates the imagination. The influence of reading on a child’s development is inseparable from the imagination and creativity of the young reader. When reading a book, a child does not get ready-made solutions, so his/her imagination must work at full speed.

Reading encourages thinking. Children’s reading is an excellent tool that has a chance, depending on the subject matter, to force the little reader to reflect.

Reading books is a good way to spend time with your parents. We live fast, often during the day trying to meet all our professional and family responsibilities. However, it is important to always make time for your children.

Reading is great fun. A properly matched book that draws the child into its world is a great way to combine fun with usefulness. Your child can have a good time in the company of interesting reading and the book will take care of his or her development on different levels.

Books can be a source of knowledge. If we want to broaden the child’s knowledge on a particular topic, we can give him or her a book on a suitable topic, making sure that it fits his or her age.

Books convey specific values. Books can be a great carrier of specific beliefs and values, so if you want to show your child, for example, how great the power of true friendship can be, it’s a good idea to reach for the right book to make it easier.

Children’s reading of books: choose well

We already know that reading books can have a very good effect on children. However, it is essential to choose the right book items, especially as the market today has many interesting proposals in this respect.

The age of a child. The most important factors that should have a decisive influence on the choice of appropriate reading is the age of the child. It is important for the content and level of vocabulary used in the booklet. The book should be sufficiently understandable for the child, so choose books dedicated to children in a specific age range.

The child’s interests. If you want to choose a book that will really attract your child’s attention. It’s worth making sure that the book matches his or her interests, although of course there’s nothing to stop him or her from trying to suggest a book that’s new to him or her, thus developing the child’s horizons.

Preferred form. When choosing a book for your child, think about the form it is likely to take: does your child love colourful books with lots of illustrations, or is content the most important thing for him or her, It’s worthwhile to observe what kind of books are most appealing to the child’s taste, so that later on it will be easier to choose the next book item.

Reading books can have a very big impact on a child’s development. Properly matched books not only broaden the vocabulary, but are also a perfect nourishment for the child’s imagination, encourage the child to focus on the text being read and to think actively, and at the same time can be a great way to spend free time.