Introduction To Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) entails making use of Chinese natural medicine, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Qi gong, Tuina (Chinese massage), and a medicated diet, and is among the globe’s most old clinical systems, with its very own principles, analysis methods as well as therapies. It has come to be popular in the west.

Meridians as well as Collaterals

TCM sees the meridians as well as securities networks making use of Zang-Fu, which categorizes cells and organs in an organic whole. Each Zang as well as Fu body organ transfers Qi and blood, and controls Yin and also Yang, maintaining the features and also activities of all parts of the body. This system overviews the diagnosis, therapy, and application of all the branch subjects of TCM.

Yin and also Yang

TCM additionally holds as its main belief that health and wellness in all parts of the body are due to the relationship between Yin and Yang. Yin as well as Yang concept is the basic principle made use of to categorize in TCM’s alternative strategy to health as well as illness, as well as additionally offers a professional guide to preventing and also healing disease.


TCM’s medical diagnosis depends just on the medical professional’s sense organs to obtain medical information. It primarily includes the four techniques of medical diagnosis, namely: interrogation, examination, auscultation (listening) and olfaction (smelling), pulse sensation as well as palpation.


TCM has 3 basic parts: Chinese organic therapy, Acupuncture, Tuina (Chinese massage therapy) therapy, and Diet plan treatment

Chinese organic therapy

This is based on the principle that good health depends on attaining optimum vitality and balance – a balance defined in terms of the polarity of Yin and Yang.

Chinese natural herbs originate from nature and also consist of flowers, stems, leaves, roots as well as barks. Each natural herb has its very own specific qualities. Their different features are employed to deal with conditions, fix the hyperactivity or hypoactivity of Yin or Yang, and also help the body restore its typical physiological features – as a result, healing the disease and also recovering health.

Chinese herbal management (organic dosages and powder kinds) generally depends on your problem, your constitution, and age. It needs to be larger for major emergency situations and persistent troubles with a young as well as solid person, smaller sized for mild problems, and also with the aged, the sickly, as well as with children and also expecting ladies.

The physician will carefully select various natural does or powder kinds to treat you as your treatment begins, and also closely monitor your progress with regular examinations. As your condition change, the treatment will certainly be changed appropriately.

Acupuncture as well as Tuina therapy.

These are two practical therapies in TCM. They are to regulate the meridians or networks of the body, unblock the stagnancy of Qi and also blood, and equilibrium Yin as well as Yang, maintaining their feature, via the extraordinary points, scalp points, auricular points, and various other unique factors by needle (when it comes to Acupuncture) or by the fingers, hands and arm or legs of the Tuina therapist.

When using Tuina for babies and also prenatal care, some unique points exist besides the acupoints on the 14 meridians as well as extra points. Manipulation making use of pressing, kneading, and rubbing is primarily made use of.

Diet Therapy

Each food (veggie, fruit, dish, nut, etc) has its very own details qualities. We can assist you with the very best foods to treat your condition, in accordance with the real condition of illness, the characteristics as well as features of the foods, and also healing demands found through the medical professional’s assessment.

Other therapies

Moxibustion, Cupping treatment, Ear authority, Electrolysis, Electrotherapy (without needle) are often used. All of them work by the same concepts of acupuncture treatment.

What does Chinese Medicine treat?

Singapore tcm clinic treats your body and mind all at once, not just the condition. Using the concepts of TCM, a very variety of conditions, and also any type of age can be added, including:

Typical Internal Illness

Anemia, Bronchial Asthma, Arthritis, Cerebral Thrombosis, Cold, Colitis, Bowel Irregularity, Constipation, Cholecystitis, Coronary Heart Disease, Gastrointestinal Abscess, Diabetes Mellitus, Diarrhoea, Oedema, Flu, Gout Pain, Headaches, Hypertension, Hyperlipoproteinemia, Hay fever, Irritable digestive tract disorder, Malabsorption, Nephritis, Neurosis, Neurasthenia, Thyroid, Pneumonia, Pancreatitis, etc 2. Women’s issues

Pre-menstrual syndrome, Unpleasant durations, Menopausal disorders, endometriosis, Sterility, Early morning unwell, Pelvic Inflammation, and so on 3. Male’s troubles

Ejaculation Praecox, Hypertrophy, Low Steam Court, Impotence, Prostitutes, Sex Drive Troubles.

Skin issues

Herpes Zoster, Call Dermatitis, Eczema, Urticaria, Neurodermatitis, Psoriasis, Acne Vulgaris, Alopecia Areata, Resaca, and so on 5. Muscular, neurological, skeletal as well as vascular troubles

Arthritis, Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Gonitis, Hemiplegia, Lumbago (reduced pain in the back), Neuralgia, Omalgia, Sciatica, Stiff Neck Stroke, Strain, Sports Injury, Tennis Elbow Joint, Trigeminal, Ligament Injury, and so on 6. Psychological as well as Psychological Issues

Anxiety, Depression, Tension, Panic Attack, Sleeplessness, Palpitation, and so on 7. Ear, Nose, Throat, and Ocular Issues

Conjunctivitis, Optic Neuritis, Nearsightedness, Obits Media, Sore Throat, Hay Fever, Bad Breath, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis, Sinus problems, and so on 8. Oncology.

Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer Cells, Stomach Cancer, and so on.