Jul 232014

Have you always wanted to be writer? Yes. Could you elaborate on that? I felt destined to write, I felt as if it was almost inevitable, that was who I was born to be.  And yet, it took a long time for you to get published. Why is that? I grew up in South Africa [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 222014

Claire Sanchez, 25 year old medicine woman, curandera, is a young woman who has lost her mother when she was five years old, witnessed her murder at the hands of a black robed man. She is a woman of tremendous courage and resolve. Fear tries to get her by the throat and squeeze the life [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 222014

Running “errands” for her mob-boss employer, Joey “The Knife” Manetto, often ends with Shelby in trouble, making her cautious about continuing her association with him. Instead, she focuses on a new client who hires Shelby to find her missing mother. What seems like a routine case turns into something more sinister and deadly than she [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 172014

Maria Loggia’s kitchen door is always open. Her home and garden are a gathering place for friends and family, who come to share her easygoing enthusiasm and generosity – and her inspired Italian cuisine. In this, her second book, Loggia celebrates the seasons with 16 sumptuous menus – from a spontaneous al fresco garden party [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 152014

Just like we need our BFF to love us, keep us grounded, support us, and knock us upside the back of the head at times, our main characters need their own best friends to share in their wonderfully, fictional existence.  One of my favorite parts of getting lost in a great novel is falling in love [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 102014

It might be because I have a background in theatre, but for me, a novel is an entire production. It’s about the story, but also the cover and the teasers and the trailer, and especially the title. I suppose it’s also my background in literature and poetry that makes me go for these artistic titles [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 092014

“Ladies and gentlemen, please step to the back of the time machine and face forward.  That’s right.  Crowd in there, young man. We can still get a few more inside.  Madame, if you would remove your hat, it would make the journey a little more comfortable for the man behind you.  Please turn off all cell phones and music [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 082014

As an author, I am often asked if my characters are based on actual people, or do I make them up. The answer is always yes and no. Usually when I create a character, I take a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and mix it together to get just the right [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 052014

When a powerful witch has an idea that will get her back to her home world known as, Wanderamid, it backfires. The spell she created the night before had already begun. The clouds in the sky became thicker and darkness increased greatly with silent flickering lights of lightning. It was too late to put a [CONTINUE READING]

Jul 032014

I grew up reading books that caused dubious glances and concerned frowns to dance across the face of any adult who made the mistake of asking me, “So, what are you reading?” What I was reading was whatever I wanted to. And usually whatever I wanted to was considered wildly inappropriate for a “girl my age”… or [CONTINUE READING]

Jun 252014

1. Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles: My favorite fictional character has been and always will be Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy reading the adventures of Holmes, his methods, his deductions, his witty remarks. More so than that, I really liked the feel of Baskervilles. It held a sense of urgency, thrills and suspense, besides the typical [CONTINUE READING]

Jun 242014

On the night of August 8th 2008 I had my first dream in 25 years. God appeared to me in the dream and said, “I want you to pray with your patients. I will show you what is wrong with them and when you pray I will heal them.” At this point in my life I didn’t believe in [CONTINUE READING]

Jun 182014

One of the things I most enjoyed while writing and exploring the post-apocalyptic world of A Gazillion Little Bits was discovering what this society, living in the ruins of Manhattan, was eating! As it turns out, their cuisines are varied! In waterfront encampments we find fish and oysters and long, thick eels.  Gardeners on the ancient George Washington Bridge grow vegetables, and sunflowers for oil.  Tunnel dwellers gather [CONTINUE READING]

Jun 172014

It used to be that no one had heard of New Zealand, that when I was travelling and mentioned where I was from, people would vaguely mention Australia (in case you don’t know, that’s hugely insulting to New Zealanders, we have a huge chip on our shoulders about people thinking we’re part of Australia). And [CONTINUE READING]

Jun 122014

The LENS and the LOOKER – BOOK #1 - It’s the 24th century and humans, with the help of artificial intelligences (A.I.s), have finally created the perfect post-dystopian society. To make equally perfect citizens for this world, the elders have created History Camps, full sized recreations of cities from Earth’s distant pasts. Here teens live the [CONTINUE READING]