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LauraWhen I started writing Conscious Calm, one of the things I wanted to do was play with language a little. What were newer, fresher ways I might describe what we do internally without even noticing, those activities that often create even more stress in our busy lives?

One of the phrases I ended up using is “Motor Mind.” It’s been fun to hear how some people are taking the phrase on in classrooms, families and work places. Motor Mind is that ongoing, non-stop thinking we tend to do when we are busy, in high gear, and stressed. It’s an internal talking to ourselves that goes on as if it had its own motor and an endless energy source. Motor Mind activity can include going over conversations with ourselves that happened at work yesterday (or in an argument ten years ago), reviewing the To Do list for today, or telling ourselves stories about our friends, families, or the usual star in many of our bigger and smaller dramas… ourselves.

Motor Mind is deceptive, because it really can feel like the non-stop thinking is going on all by itself, as if we have nothing to do with it. And it’s true that over-thinking is a deep habit, especially in our stressed, over-doing modern society. At every turn there is another bit of information grabbing our attention for us to think about. For many stressed people, it can be a challenge to turn Motor Mind off at night and rest deeply; it’s as if we’ve forgotten where the turn off switch is.

The truth about Motor Mind is that we have more control over our thinking than we may know.  Thoughts come and go, but the key is in whether or not we pay attention to a thought and start adding mental and emotional fuel to the thinking fire. Often the greater the emotional intensity around a thought, the more difficult it is to let go. But it can be freeing to realize that we can have control over how much emotional and mental fuel goes into that fire. We can get all riled up about a thought or memory and tell ourselves drama-filled stories about how something should have gone differently – that’s actually a choice. Or we can choose again when we notice a lot of intensity or emotion around something that happened, and ask ourselves questions about what we want or need: do I need to speak up here? Do I just need to let this one go and move on?

While Motor Mind can seem to run us, that’s actually the tail wagging the dog. We have much more choice about where we put our attention and what we do internally than we are taught in most families or schools. Noticing when Motor Mind revs up, and choosing to pull the emergency brake or at least slow down, puts you back in charge, and can lead to feeling freer, more in control, and happier.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR…Dr. Laura Maciuika is a clinical psychologist, teacher, and transformation mentor. She specializes in supporting the transformation of old patterns and internal blocks into new-found inner freedom, joy, and success.  Laura is the author of Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry.

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I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review as part of the Pump Up Your Book virtual book tour.

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