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Today we are interviewing author, Joseph Devon, author of Probability Angels- Book One of the Matthew and Epp Stories.

ProbabilityAngelsMatthew knows that he died twenty years ago. He has, after all, been bouncing around New York city ever since, causing mischief and having fun as a supernatural being. But recently some problems have been cropping up: not only is he hallucinating things in garbage cans, but his mentor doesn’t think he’s working up to his full potential, his best friend can’t offer any solace but drunken confusion, and his wife is dying in Central Park.

See, the past twenty years haven’t meant a thing because now it’s time for Matthew to make his second choice and become a tester of humanity.

And that’s all before the zombies show up.

Come explore the world of Matthew and Epp and see what a samurai from Feudal Japan has to do with the course of modern physics, what a two-thousand year old Roman slave has to do with the summit of Mount Everest, and what a dead man from Brooklyn has to do with the fate of the world.

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THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS: What is your favorite line from a book?

JOSEPH DEVON: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” The last line in The Great Gatsby. Capping off that entire story as well as reflecting on Nick’s train journey back home…gives me the chills every time I read it. It’s just perfect.

TBFR: How do you describe your writing style?

JD: I try not to. Ha…I really don’t know how to answer that. That question makes me instantly sheepish. Um, but I like to weave together a lot of different stories into a climax. I love exploring relationships and I’m told I have an ear for dialogue. I also love a little action, a little suspense, and I’m not adverse to some plot twists.

TBFR: Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?

JD: I get a decent number of emails from readers. They tend to tell me how attached they became to certain characters, which is such a wonderful thing to hear. They also get a little angry at me if something bad happens to a main character, which is also a great compliment. Oh and they all want to know when book three is coming out.

TBFR: How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

JD: Nope. No formulas, no outlines, not if I can help it. I used to write like that and things started feeling way too forced, I didn’t like it. I tend to have a few major scenes in mind when I’m writing that I want to get to, but I take my starting points and then try and let my characters naturally find their way from plot point to plot point on their own. Letting them be themselves and having their own internal motivations drive them to where I need them to be always works better and often leads to far more interesting scenes than I could ever come up with ahead of time.

TBFR: What books have you faked reading?

JD: Haha…I don’t know that I’ve ever done that. I actually have read Ulysses, though in a class, as well as a number of the other bigger clunkers. Plus if I don’t like an author and stay away from them I’m more than happy to voice that opinion. You shouldn’t fake read anything, you should just be you. No?

TBFR: If everyone was forced to read three books, what books would you suggest?

JD: James Joyce’s The Dead, it’s the last story in The Dubliners. The rest of the short stories can be a bit thick, and it took me a few tries to read The Dead, but once it clicked it became one of those collections of words that I need to read once a year.

The Old Man And the Sea, because lets face it, you should probably keep lists like this to short books so you don’t scare people away, and that’s a nice short glimpse of what Hemingway can do.

And then one of my books. Because I might as well get some marketing in while I’m forcing these poor people to read things.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR…Joseph Devon was born in New Jersey and currently lives in New York. He’s been a student, a nanny, worked at the Ground Zero recovery project after 9/11, and of all the things he’s created he is probably most proud of the character Kyo. He writes a blog at and also enjoys photography, so he’s also at flickr, and tumblr, and twitter too, and sometimes he thinks maybe he has too many social networking outlets.

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I received a copy in exchange for an honest review as part of the NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz.

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