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PhotobucketAt the age of fourteen, Catherine de Medici, last legitimate descendant of the Medici blood, finds herself betrothed to the King Francois I’s son, Henri. Sent from her native Florence to France, humiliated and overshadowed by her husband’s life-long devotion to his mistress, when tragedy strikes her family Catherine rises from obscurity to become one of 16th century Europe’s most powerful women.

Patroness of Nostradamus and a seer in her own right, accused of witchcraft and murder by her foes, Catherine fights to save France and her children from savage religious conflict, unaware that her own fate looms before her—a fate that will demand the sacrifice of her ideals, reputation, and the passion of her own embattled heart. . .

From the splendors of the Loire palaces to the blood-soaked battles of the Wars of Religion and haunted halls of the Louvre, this is the story of Catherine’s dramatic life, told by the queen herself.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR…Half-Spanish by birth,C.W. GORTNERwas raised in southern Spain, where he developed a lifelong fascination with history. After holding various jobs in the fashion industry, he earned a MFA in Writing with an emphasis in Renaissance Studies. He has taught university seminars on the 16th century and women in history, as well as workshops on writing, historical research, and marketing.

Acclaimed for his insight into his characters, he travels extensively to research his books. He has slept in a medieval Spanish castle, danced in a Tudor great hall, and explored library archives all over Europe. His debut historical novel The Last Queen gained international praise and has been sold in ten countries to date. His new novel, The Confessions of Catherine de Medici, is now available. He is currently at work on The Princess Isabella, his third historical novel, and The Tudor Secret, the first book in his new Tudor suspense series, The Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles.

C.W. lives with his partner in Northern California.

Visit C.W. Gortner at http://www.cwgortner.com/ and http://historicalboys.blogspot.com/.

FROM THE BOOK FAERY REVIEWS…Once again Gortner does an excellent job in telling the historical tale of Catherine Medici. As I read I felt like I was Catherine throughout her story (though I wouldn’t want to be). You can read about his other novel about Catherine Medici, The Last Queen here.

This book was provided to me for review during C.W. Gortner’s Pump Up Your Book Promotion book tour.
Receiving a copy in no way altered my opinion of the book.
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