Jan 102010



Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.

Adios Bloggiesta…it’s was great while it lasted…if you’re new and didn’t see my previous post about Bloggiesta, you can read all about it here. While I’m not entirely sure as to how much time I’ve spent participating, I can tell you what I’ve accomplished. I’ll be honest, I don’t typically write posts on the weekend but now that I’m working full time out of the home I don’t see me having much time during the week.

Out of curiosity – do you set some time to spend on your blog(s) writing and commenting?

My Bloggiesta Accomplishments:

  1. Did some housecleaning in Google Reader…THAT was SCARY…I had OVER 1000 posts that had not been read since who knows when (I did however read a handful AND commented…WHOOT WHOOT!!), there were 24 blogs that had not yet been categorized and a couple blogs no longer being used or rarely updated that needed to be removed (if you don’t write it in at least every other week, I’m cleaning you off my list)
  2. Wrote 2 (this post makes 3) for here and 3 posts at Farrah’s Little Place in the Blogosphere (sorry folks but the Bloggiesta posts are quite similar as I didn’t know which readers would be interested in reading about them)
  3. Re-designed Farrah’s Little Place in the Blogosphere – I decided to go with the same theme that I use here BUT the logo’s and colors are obviously different. The background image is also different. Hope it makes viewing more pleasing and navigating around here easier for all.
  4. Planned a couple book giveaways for the month of January.
  5. Officially participating in Pam from MotherReader’s Comment Challenge where you comment on at least 5 book blogs a day. One of my blog resolutions was to get more involved with other bloggers by commenting on their posts so here I go. This challenge runs through the 28th of January.
  6. Pam from Bookalicio.us reminded me to make sure my blogs were copyrighted appropriately so I made sure mine were up to date.
  7. I did actually update my categories yesterday before realizing that Beth from Beth Fish Reads was doing a mini-challenge. Renamed / regrouped some of mine while I was re-designing my place around here. I made changes in my navigation bar for this.
  8. Updated my Google & Blogger profiles so the latest information was out there for when I leave comments behind. :-)
  9. Jackie from Farm Lane Books reminded me to do my weekly blog back up and I did it.
  10. Karin from Karin’s Book Nook reminded me that it’s important to check for dead links and I now am using dead-links.com to do the job for me. I actually discovered I had some!! EEK!!!

Well…it’s time to end for the night…
time to end my portion of Bloggiesta…
time to get everyone bathed and ready for tomorrow…
time to do a bit of yoga/meditation to wind down…
then it will be time to spend with hubby, a movie, and perhaps a book later…

Thank you Nastasha at Maw Books for organizing the 2nd edition of Bloggiesta!

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  • http://bookjourney.wordpress.com/ Sheila (Bookjourney)

    You did wonderful too! Lots done isnt that a great feeling?
    .-= Sheila (Bookjourney)´s last blog ..Bloggiesta – I can see the finish line! =-.

  • http://bermudaonion.wordpress.com Kathy

    Congratulations on getting so much done!
    .-= Kathy´s last blog ..Our Life in France – the train =-.

  • http://www.kimkasch.blogspot.com Kim Kasch

    You got involved and accomplished something. That’s all good.

  • http://barriesummy.blogspot.com Barrie Summy

    You accomplished more than me! But I figure every little bit counts. Right? ;) Found you through the Comment Challenge!
    .-= Barrie Summy´s last blog ..My Town Monday: Pandamania in San Diego, CA =-.

  • http://readingwithmomma.blogspot.com Erika

    I love that Natasha hosts this event and that everyone gets so much accomplished.
    .-= Erika´s last blog ..Library Loot: January 13-19 =-.

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